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New Minnesota Law Helps Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

A new law has been put in place in Minnesota that can help homeowners going through foreclosure. This law gives homeowners the ability to contest the foreclosure if it is found that the lender may not have used the proper procedures in the process. This forces the lenders to take a closer look at their… Read more »

Minnesota Shutting Down St. Paul Debt Collection Agencies

It was announced early in October that the Minnesota Department of Commerce took action to shut down two collection agencies that it said was collecting debts without the proper licensing and operating out of trust. The trust account balances were near zero or below. The Commerce Department revealed that it began an investigation this past… Read more »

Fewer Minnesota Homes Entered Foreclosure In August

The number of foreclosures each month has been rather high for several years. However, August saw the fewest number of home foreclosures in Minnesota in a while and the lowest rate in the U.S. in almost eight years. This is a trend that is going to reduce the number of homes in foreclosure every month… Read more »