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Minnesotans being Harassed by Debt Collectors for Debts not Their Own

Minnesotans are being harassed by debt collectors over debts that don’t belong to them. In 2012, there were over 30 million in the U.S. harassed over alleged debt. Unfortunately, the regulatory system has fallen behind technology and now that has resulted in these individuals not being adequately protected against being harassed for debt they don’t… Read more »

Minnesota Sees Some Business Bankruptcies: Foreclosures down Overall

Minnesota has seen some business bankruptcies popping up lately, such as the filing of the Minneapolis-based Dolan Co. They filed for Chapter 11 protection after listing their debt at $185.9 million and their assets at $236.2 million as of September. But while there has been news of business bankruptcy, there is news that the number… Read more »