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Minnesota Wind Farm Owners File for Bankruptcy

Wind farms had popped up in various places around Minnesota. Power created by wind is something that many tried to capitalize on within the state. However, it turned out to be an economic lower for approximately 360 landowners and farmers. These individuals had invested in two rather modest wind farms more than ten years ago… Read more »

Nonprofit Hospitals that Sue their Patients

Is it against the law? Is there something in the FDCPA that addresses it? What happens when a nonprofit hospital sues their patients due to their inability to pay their medical expenses? This is something that is happening in Minnesota and everywhere. Nonprofit hospitals do not operate for profit, therefore they take every dime seriously…. Read more »

Understanding the Minnesota Bankruptcy Homestead Exemption

When filing bankruptcy, the homestead exemption is very important because it protects the equity in the home. Under Minnesota Law, the homestead exemption allows a homeowner to exempt up to $390,000 of the equity within their home or other property that is defined under the homestead exemption system. The total amount of the property exemption… Read more »