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Not All Debts Can Be Discharged in Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy gives people who have accumulated too much debt a chance to start over. Often, people end up in debt because an accident or illness left them  with medical bills at the same time as it left them without the ability to work. Bankruptcy helps people to leave the cage of debt so that they… Read more »

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Reduce Your Debts But Keep Your Assets

When most people think of bankruptcy, they imagine seeing everything that they own auctioned off to pay creditors. However, there are two different  bankruptcy processes which are typically available to individuals; Chapter 7 (in which all non-exempt assets are sold) and Chapter 13, in which a debtor proposes a payment plan that will cover some… Read more »

A Lawyer Can Help To Identify Exempt Assets in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is often caused by medical bills or a business failure. Many people fear that filing for bankruptcy could cause them to lose their home and everything that they own. Fortunately, bankruptcy laws allow debtors to keep certain types of assets. These assets are “exempt” and do not become part of the bankruptcy estate that… Read more »