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Debt Collector Harassment: How to face “junk debt” collectors

During an era in which many hard-working Minnesotans are struggling under the burden of debt, an industry sometimes referred to as “junk debt” collection has flourished. When an established creditor (e.g. a major credit card company) decides that a debtor will likely fail to pay back their debt, they often sell that debt in a portfolio… Read more »

Can You Get a Personal Loan After Bankruptcy?

Many believe bankruptcy is the end of the financial road, so to speak. It might have seemeds like that in the past, but these days, filing bankruptcy isn’t quite as painful as those who do can easily rebuild their finances, credits, as well as their life. This means you aren’t stuck drudging along with no… Read more »

Why Don’t Lenders Send Statements After Bankruptcy?

After filing for bankruptcy, there are many who choose to keep debts like mortgages and car loans. However, soon they discover that those lenders have stopped sending monthly billing states. This can lead to confusion and occasionally missed or late payments since it is so difficult to keep on top of everything after bankruptcy. Are… Read more »