Can the bank just show up and kick me out of my house?

Are you dealing with a possible home foreclosure? Many people in this situation will ask, “Can the bank just show up and kick me out of my home?” The short answer is no. Only a court can order you out of the house and force you to leave. Sure, they may evict you, but there are systems in place that the mortgage company or bank must follow, initially with the foreclosure and then with the eviction. A bank cannot just kick you out.

A home foreclosure is not an unusual event, attacking people from all walks of life and economic statuses. It does not take much to find yourself unable to make your monthly mortgage payments. You can unexpectantly lose employment or have a medical crisis. When facing foreclosure, many people will become scared and confused. In fact, they may think they are in foreclosure when they start receiving phone calls and letters.

You will know the foreclosure process has begun when you receive a Notice To Cure letter. It will tell you how much you need to pay to bring the mortgage loan current within 30 days. If the issue is not resolved, next you will receive a Notice Of Acceleration. This letter informs you the loan has been accelerated and the entire balance is now due. Several weeks later, the lender will file a Foreclosure Petition with the Clerk of Court. Once all this is complete, they can start another process to gain possession of the property.

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