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Who Can Have Your Wages Garnished in Minnesota?

Owing debt may not be fun, but it’s something that happens to almost everyone. From student loans to medical emergencies, it’s all too easy for a single setback or a bad year to turn into a big pile of debt. The vast majority of people in debt today have every intention of paying the sum,… Read more »

How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can Help you Avoid Foreclosure

With the housing slump more and more people are finding themselves facing foreclosure. Once that notice has been received, it can be easy to panic. Although many lenders will work with you to modify the loan or short sale your home so at least you are out from under the debt, most will not and… Read more »

Avoiding Bankruptcy By Getting Out of Debt

Surmounting debt is often a problem believed to belong solely to older people. Perhaps they’ve had a credit card for years and gotten in over their heads, they’ve piled up a couple of mortgages, auto loans or personal loans, or perhaps they’ve had a business venture go south and have yet to recover. While those… Read more »

How Much Does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cost in Minnesota?

It is often the first thing people ask their prospective lawyers when they are filing for bankruptcy – how much does it cost? There’s a good reason behind it too, if you are filing for bankrupcy, it is certainly not because you are flush with cash. Luckily, compared to the debts that pushed your towards… Read more »

Do Both Husband and Wife Have to File Bankruptcy in Minnesota?

In life, accidents happen and debts can accrue. However, when it gets to be too much, bankruptcy can be an option to escape an otherwise hopeless financial situation that life sometimes thrusts upon you. However, if you are married, bankruptcy can be even more of a worrying situation since, as in most other things, it… Read more »

Do Not Be Embarrassed About Filing For Bankruptcy

If you have been struggling financially, do not let the year end without talking to someone who has the experience to help you. This is going to be your decision. Do not worry about what people on the outside are telling you; if you feel this is right, you should not be embarrassed about it…. Read more »

4 Important Things to Know About Student Loans and Bankruptcy

Are you struggling with repaying your student loans? Have you seriously considered filing for bankruptcy? Here are some things you need to know about filing for bankruptcy when faced with student debt. What You Need to Prove In order to qualify for bankruptcy, you will usually have to prove three things. You’ll have to prove… Read more »

How To Avoid Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is serious business.  It impacts your credit for years. And many job applications ask the question, have you ever filed for bankruptcy?  It is in your best interest to avoid having to answer yes to this question for the rest of your life. While bankruptcy may be the only resort for some,… Read more »

4 Tips for Choosing a Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, you need to choose your lawyer carefully. Who represents you will make a big difference in your results. Choosing the wrong lawyer can lead to serious complications down the road. Here are four things to look for when choosing a bankruptcy lawyer. Experience and Accreditations Make sure you choose… Read more »

Legal Debt Collection Practices: Then….And Now.

Debt Collector Tactics Through The Ages Although Shakespeare warned against it, there have always been borrowers. And lenders. But what follows if the debt isn’t satisfied? What steps have creditors responded with? Debtors Prison Historically, unpaid debts of any kind could land a person in prison. However, notwithstanding cases like the one in this article where… Read more »