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Does it Make Sense to File Bankruptcy Before the Holidays?

Reasons To File: You’re struggling with your bills and you’re thinking about hiring an attorney to help you file bankruptcy. Although doing so isn’t a decision that you should take lightly,we believe it may be the ticket to a fresh financial start. With the holidays around the corner, being proactive about managing your finances may… Read more »

What is the Automatic Stay?

Automatic Stay The primary reason for the automatic stay is to bring stability and immediate protection to the person filing bankruptcy (the Debtor).  The automatic stay provides the debtor the chance to catch his or her breath, legally speaking.  There might be many different reasons a person filed bankruptcy.  Perhaps wages were being garnished, a… Read more »

Can Filing Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure on Your Home?

Filing Chapter 7 to Stop Foreclosure You are facing foreclosure.  It’s scary and you need information.  Bankruptcy protection falls under Chapters 7 and 13 in the U.S. Code. If you qualify for Chapter 7, you can discharge some or all of your debt load. It also provides for an automatic stay of all legal proceedings,… Read more »

Minnesota Bankruptcy Costs and How to Pay for it

You have been thinking about Bankruptcy.  You are a ball of stress, you can’t sleep at night.  You can’t pay your bills and you feel like you can’t afford a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer. Here’s what bankruptcy costs — and how to pay for it. How much does it cost to file for bankruptcy? You’ll face… Read more »

Hire a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney

Do you know the meaning of the term “dischargeable debt”? If you’re attempting to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy on your own, you had better look it up. You’ll also want to find out which debts currently count as dischargeable and whether or not you can list them in a Chapter 7 filing. While you’re… Read more »

Reinstate Your Suspended Driver’s License

Suspended Driver’s License Bankruptcy gives you immediate and long-term relief from your debts. But it can do other very important things you may not know about. Today we get into how bankruptcy can reinstate a suspended driver’s license. Reasons for Driver’s License Suspension Whether your filing of a bankruptcy case can reinstate your suspended driver’s… Read more »

Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help

Whether you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, an automatic stay under Section 362 of the Bankruptcy Code takes effect immediately upon filing in most cases, and generally lasts as long as the bankruptcy case is pending. The stay offers immediate relief to distressed debtors. If these debtors successfully complete a Chapter 13 bankruptcy as… Read more »

Do All Credit Cards Get Closed When Filing Bankruptcy?

All credit cards that have a balance get listed in the bankruptcy.  It is up to the individual lenders as to when they close (or if they close).  They may ask you to reaffirm the debt in order to keep a card open. This is not advisable.  Reaffirming the debt means you will be liable… Read more »

Can You Discharge Taxes in Bankruptcy?

Many Bankruptcy clients struggle with tax debt.  Here are some things to think about: 1. Get your tax transcripts. To diagnose and fix your tax problems, you’ll need to get account transcripts from the IRS for each year you owe a balance. These documents are a history of when your tax was due, when the return… Read more »

Health Savings Account Exemption

Governor Dayton just signed into law HF 2391 which provides an exemption for Health Savings Account. In bankruptcy, debtors can choose whether to protect their assets under state law or federal law. Federal law permits a miscellaneous exemption of up to $13,000, which usually covers most HSA’s. Sometimes debtors need to use state exemptions (usually… Read more »