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Learn How You Can Prevent Minnesota Debt Collector Harassment

When you’ve found yourself in a financial crunch that has you late with bills, you’ll find at some point debt collectors will start to contact you. And when they do, you may find yourself frustrated and scared all at the same time. You’ll be happy to know that there are regulations to prevent debt collector… Read more »

Tips for Dealing with Debt Collector Harassment

Dealing with debt collector harassment is stressful and painful. It’s difficult to determine exactly how to handle this situation on your own. Luckily, we have developed some tips to help you deal with debt collector harassment. Here are a few of them to consider. Tip 1: Learn About your Rights The first thing you should… Read more »

5 Actions That Constitute Creditor Harassment

When your financial situation has led you to fall behind on monthly bills, the last thing you need is creditors acting out of line. Even if you are unable to pay the minimum payments each month, creditor harassment is never appropriate. Learn how to recognize when your creditors have gone too far. As stipulated in The Fair Debt… Read more »