Debt Collector Harassment: How to face “junk debt” collectors

During an era in which many hard-working Minnesotans are struggling under the burden of debt, an industry sometimes referred to as “junk debt” collection has flourished. When an established creditor (e.g. a major credit card company) decides that a debtor will likely fail to pay back their debt, they often sell that debt in a portfolio to a junk debt agency. These agencies are willing to take on high-risk debts because they pursue more aggressive debt recovery techniques. Their strategies inevitably toe the thin line between legal pressure and illegal harassment.

If a junk debt collector is pursuing your assets, consider these important points:

1. Junk debt collectors have a documented history of crossing the line into illegal harassment as they try to convince people to settle their debts. Check this helpful list to discern whether you have been a victim.

2. Junk debt collectors do not want to face you and your attorney in an actual courtroom. They file way more lawsuits than they could reasonably handle because they know that many people will simply ignore the court summons.

3. Junk debt collectors rarely have access to all of the documents they need to successfully win a lawsuit against debtors. A judge recently estimated that 90% of these suits lack the necessary documentation to prove their legal right to the debt in question.

These third-party, speculative debt collectors often are very aggressive and routinely leave their targets feeling confused and helpless. If you have noticed a change in the name of the organization that owns your debt, you are likely facing a battle with one of these junk debt collectors. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you might have about how to best protect yourself and your family.

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