Does Filing For Minnesota Bankruptcy Fix Identity Theft?

If you are the victim of identity theft, you know the frustration that comes with cleaning up the mess.  Perhaps well-meaning friends and family advise you to just file bankruptcy and be “done with it.”  But, is this really the answer?

Bankruptcy is a tool intended to help good people who have bad things happen in their lives.  It doesn’t matter where you live or what status you hold in life, sickness, job loss, and tragedy happens. Bankruptcy allows a citizen to recover from their financial problems and in effect, begin again. This is your right and intended for your protection. However, with identity theft, you do not owe these bills! You are the victim of a crime and in American, we do not punish victims. Bankruptcy will stop collection efforts, but taking this step does not restore your credit and reputation. Bankruptcy puts the brakes on your financial life and allows you to rebuild. You are not forced to begin again because someone stole your information.

Instead, put your efforts into taking back your financial life. File a police report. Send letters to the credit holders and the credit reporting bureaus disputing the charges. Include a copy of the police report. If the creditors and credit reporting agencies refuse to remove the bogus accounts and information you may to sue them to recover your credit rating.

Cleaning up after identity theft is not fun. But do not allow the thief to cause you further damage.  Contact Buettner Law Group, LLC for assistance today.

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