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Reinstate Your Suspended Driver’s License

Suspended Driver’s License Bankruptcy gives you immediate and long-term relief from your debts. But it can do other very important things you may not know about. Today we get into how bankruptcy can reinstate a suspended driver’s license. Reasons for Driver’s License Suspension Whether your filing of a bankruptcy case can reinstate your suspended driver’s… Read more »

Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help

Whether you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, an automatic stay under Section 362 of the Bankruptcy Code takes effect immediately upon filing in most cases, and generally lasts as long as the bankruptcy case is pending. The stay offers immediate relief to distressed debtors. If these debtors successfully complete a Chapter 13 bankruptcy as… Read more »

Do All Credit Cards Get Closed When Filing Bankruptcy?

Will I lose all my credit cards when I file bankruptcy? All credit cards that have a balance must be listed in the bankruptcy.  It is up to the individual lenders as to whether they will close your account.  They may ask you to reaffirm the debt in order to keep a card open. This… Read more »

Can You Discharge Tax Debt in Bankruptcy?

Many Bankruptcy clients struggle with tax debt.  Here are some things to think about: Get Your Tax Transcripts To diagnose and fix your tax debt problems, you’ll need to get account transcripts. Make a request to the IRS for each year you owe a balance. They show when your tax was due and when the… Read more »

Health Savings Account Exemption

Governor Dayton just signed into law HF 2391 which provides an exemption for Health Savings Accounts. In bankruptcy, debtors can choose whether to protect their assets under state law or federal law. Federal law permits a miscellaneous exemption of up to $13,000, which usually covers most HSA’s. Sometimes debtors need to use state exemptions (usually… Read more »

New Bankruptcy “Means Test” Income Figures Effective May 1, 2018

The U.S. Trustee’s Office has announced new median income figures to go into effect on May 1, 2018. These income figures will become part of the bankruptcy means test for chapter 7. The new figures for Minnesota are: $54,613 for a one person household $74,283 for a two person household $87,811 for a three person… Read more »

Who Can Have Your Wages Garnished in Minnesota?

Garnishment Owing debt isn’t fun, but it’s something that happens to almost everyone. It’s all too easy for a single setback or a bad year to turn into a big pile of debt. The vast majority of people in debt today have every intention of fulfilling their debt responsibilities. They just aren’t in a good… Read more »

How Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can Help you Avoid Foreclosure

Facing Foreclosure? With the housing slump more and more people are finding themselves facing foreclosure. Once that notice has been received, it can be easy to panic. Some lenders may work with you to modify the loan or short sale your home so at least you are out from under the debt.  The unfortunate truth… Read more »

Avoiding Bankruptcy By Getting Out of Debt

Surmounting debt is often a problem believed to belong solely to older people. Perhaps they’ve had a credit card for years and gotten in over their heads, they’ve piled up a couple of mortgages, auto loans or personal loans, or perhaps they’ve had a business venture go south and have yet to recover. While those… Read more »

How Much Does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Cost in Minnesota?

It is often the first thing people ask their prospective lawyers when they are filing for bankruptcy – how much does it cost? There’s a good reason behind it too, if you are filing for bankrupcy, it is certainly not because you are flush with cash. Luckily, compared to the debts that pushed your towards… Read more »