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Do Both Husband and Wife Have to File Bankruptcy in Minnesota?

Do both husband and wife have to file bankruptcy in Minnesota? In life, accidents happen and debts can accrue but that doesn’t mean that both husband and wife need to file bankruptcy together. However, when it gets to be too much, bankruptcy can be an option to escape an otherwise hopeless financial situation that life… Read more »

Do Not Be Embarrassed About Filing For Bankruptcy

If you have been struggling financially, do not let the year end without talking to someone who has Bankruptcy experience to help you. This is going to be your decision. Do not worry about what people on the outside are telling you; if you feel this is right, you should not be embarrassed about it…. Read more »

Student Loans and Bankruptcy

Are you struggling with repaying your student loans? Have you seriously considered filing for bankruptcy? Here are some things you need to know about filing for bankruptcy when faced with student loan debt. What You Need to Prove In general, most people will not be able to discharge their student loans when filing bankruptcy.  In… Read more »

How To Avoid Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is serious business.  It impacts your credit for years. And many job applications ask the question, have you ever filed for bankruptcy?  It is in your best interest to avoid having to answer yes to this question for the rest of your life. While bankruptcy may be the only resort for some,… Read more »

4 Tips for Choosing a Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, you need to choose your lawyer carefully. Who represents you will make a big difference in your results. Choosing the wrong lawyer can lead to serious complications down the road. Here are four things to look for when choosing a bankruptcy lawyer. Experience and Accreditations Make sure you choose… Read more »

Legal Debt Collection Practices: Then….And Now.

Debt Collector Tactics Through The Ages Although Shakespeare warned against it, there have always been borrowers. And lenders. But what follows if the debt isn’t satisfied? What steps have creditors responded with? Debtors Prison Historically, unpaid debts of any kind could land a person in prison. However, notwithstanding cases like the one in this article where… Read more »

Use Debt Validation When Dealing With Debt Collector Harassment

When contacted by a debt collection agency, it’s a good idea to verify the debt before paying up. Here’s some advice from one Better Business Bureau about debt validation. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, consumers are entitled to debt validation. Within 30 days of receiving a notice from a collection agency, you can… Read more »

Should You File for Bankruptcy or Divorce First?

It is extremely common that when it comes time to file for bankruptcy, there is also a divorce looming on the horizon. Money is a huge factor in the dissolution of many marriages, but even if the divorce is not amicable, there is no denying that both halves of a couple want a fair shake… Read more »

Gordmans Retail Store: Local Minnesota Bankruptcy Happenings

Residents of Minneapolis may be wondering about the recent closure of Gordmans retail store in nearby Burnsville Center. After a three week shut down, it was business as usual for the struggling retailer which re-opened its doors on June 29, 2017. This comes as good news for local employees of Gordmans. Due to financial struggles the retailer… Read more »

Stopping Harassing Collection Phone Calls

Those Awful Debt Collection Phone Calls Debt collection companies have few limits. They call in the morning or evening. They bother you at work, and insist on immediate payments. You try to reason with them and end the call, but you’re shifted to another person who promises to be your best friend and work with… Read more »