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COVID-19 Updates

We are Open for Business and We’ll Keep You Safe During the COVID-19 Crisis

As is the case with people around the world, the COVID-19 crisis has forced us to change many aspects of our lives including how we socialize, how we communicate, and how we practice law. While these changes are challenging and necessary, my law office has made immediate changes to ensure your safety as a client. The health and safety of the public and our clients is our highest priority, and these changes are being made with those values first in mind. I intend to continue delivering the highest quality legal services that my clients have come to rely on and I appreciate your patience as we work to enact new office policies and procedures to address the immediate needs brought about by COVID-19. The Minnesota Governor’s Executive Order specifies that lawyers like me are considered “essential legal service providers” and are exempt from the stay-at-home restrictions imposed on the general public. Even so, like you I am trying my very best to maintain complete social distance and honor the letter and spirit of the quarantine to help keep all of us safe.

Our Legal Technology Helps Keep You Safe

My law firm has been on the leading edge of technology since 2008. This has left us in a really strong position to operate this law firm remotely, whenever and wherever possible, to help keep you safe during this crisis am minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure. We employ sophisticated, encrypted, and secure technology to accomplish virtually everything we need to do in your legal matter, without unnecessarily exposing you to COVID-19. For example, we use the following:

  • Zoom/Skype/Google Client Video Conferences
  • Call Forwarding and Digital Voice Mail
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Email Document Reviews
  • Fully Scanned Electronic Client Files
  • Dropbox Corporate Cloud Servers
  • Accounting Systems Cloud-Based
  • Digital Documents Scanning Systems Cloud-Based
  • Anti-Virus Software and Firewall Protection of Website
  • Cloud-based Corporate Email and Calendaring
  • Multisite/Offsite/Cloud Encrypted Backups of All Client Files
  • Telephonic hearings
  • Electronic Court Filing
  • U.S. Mail (Only Where Absolutely Necessary)

You can be confident that these systems will keep your case on track and make the very best of the challenges that are ahead for all of us. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at (612) 377-5311. Thanks.