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Credit Reporting Problems

One of the biggest problems when it comes to having too much debt is that it can impact your credit report negatively. Your credit rating will determine a number of things including the terms on loans in the future. Having good credit means that you will be able to get better loan terms and be accepted by lending companies in the future. If you are faced with credit reporting problems then your best defense is to work with a legal expert that can help. At the Buettner Law Group, LLC, Brea Buettner-Stanchfield and her team of professionals can dissect your situation and determine the best solution to your credit report problems. Repairing and rebuilding credit can be easily achieved with the right steps in place.

There are three main steps to fixing your credit problems – repairing your credit report; getting your finances in order to overcome the debt that is causing the problems in the first place; and re-building your credit.

Repairing Your Credit Report

There are many instances where you may need the assistance of a credit reporting problems attorney. If your credit cards have been stolen, for example, then this can negatively impact your credit. If you are faced with overwhelming bills that you simply cannot pay back right away, then this will also impact your credit rating and report. Even if you are simply late on certain payments, this will reflect on your credit report.

When you work with our Minnesota bankruptcy attorney you can be sure that your credit problems will be fixed. We can ensure that your credit report is accurate and that there are no mistakes made. The Credit Bureau is not perfect and often you may be suffering from poor credit simply because they have mixed up your name with someone else.  Furthermore, your credit report may be causing you problems due to unfair charges. We can help obtain your credit report and ensure that it is accurate.

Debt Management to Repair Poor Credit

We can help you choose the right debt management strategy to ensure that your credit report problems are quickly fixed. This can include:

  • a debt consolidation plan
  • stopping foreclosure
  • short sales on your home
  • liquidation bankruptcy
  • reorganization bankruptcy
  • credit counseling

Rebuilding your credit is all about having credit options but using them wisely. Looking into getting a secured credit card and using a gas card for your monthly fuel can help you rebuild your credit back, provided that you can pay the required amount each month. Try not to live on credit this time around. Utilizing different debt management tactics, such as a budget and monthly spreadsheet can help you rebuild your credit without going over your limits.

Contact a Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney

Credit reporting problems can provide you with even more stress and headaches. If you are faced with any credit problem, from poor credit to an incorrect report, we can help. Contact Brea Buettner-Stanchfield at the Buettner Law Group, LLC today at 612-377-5311.