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Judgment Lien Removal

Judgment lien removal is the process of removing a judgment from the county land records where you have your house.  In the state of Minnesota, the filing of a Bankruptcy does not remove the lien automatically.

Sometimes when buying, selling, or refinancing real estate, the title company insists you remove a discharged judgment before closing.  A Judgment may still appear as “Active” in the Court public record and the lien may still appear on the Title until you file a motion in State Court.  In Minnesota, there is a motion you can file in state court after you file bankruptcy to remove a judgment lien against your house.

Judgment Lien removal is a service that is generally not part of the bankruptcy, and costs extra.    You should only worry about judgment lien removal if someone got a judgment against you before you filed for bankruptcy, and you want to sell or refinance your house.