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Debt Collector Harassment

There is a fine line between what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to debt collection. The bad news for consumers is that often debt collectors will step over this line in an attempt to get the money that you owe. The good news, however, is that you can take legal action to prevent this from happening. If you are concerned about debt collector harassment, then contact our team at the Buettner Law Group, LLC.

What is the Fair Debt Collection Act?

The Fair Debt Collection Act protects consumers from unlawful debt collecting from creditors. There are several different practices that are considered illegal. If a debt collector is harassing you in the following manner, then you may be able to file legal action against them:

  • threatening phone calls, letters or visits to the door
  • contacting other people looking for you, such as your boss, your family or your friends
  • telling a third party that they are a debt collector and that you owe money
  • threatening with legal action for not paying a bill such as suggesting you could get sued or put into prison
  • using insults, profane language or other threats
  • constant phone calls after you have told them to stop and pay the bill

What You Should Do If You Are Faced with Debt Collector Harassment

In order to file a complaint and possible legal action against a creditor you will need to do so either in writing or verbally. While filing a complaint will not make the debt go away, it can make the harassment stop which can allow you to focus. Just because you owe money doesn’t mean you deserve to be treated poorly, to be harassed or threatened. You still have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Act. Our team can make sure that these rights are not being violated.

If you do feel like creditor harassment is causing too much stress in your life, then you can contact us. Additionally, you should save all copies of letters and notices that you receive from the creditors as well as keep voice mails and answering machine messages. Try to make a log book of the times when the creditors have contacted you or a third party looking for you. All of this can be used as evidence to ensure the harassment stops.

Minnesota Bankruptcy Lawyer

At the Buettner Law Group, LLC we represent clients that are being harassed by creditors and are looking to take legal action. We understand how hard it can be to be behind on your bills and we having to deal with harassment is the last thing you need and deserve. Regardless of how you decide to handle your debt, we can help stop creditor harassment. Without the constant threats and nagging you may be able to focus on coming up with a payment plan to actually pay back those debts. If not, we can help you explore other avenues that might be best suited to you such as debt consolidation, short sales or bankruptcy. Contact Brea Buettner at the Buettner Law Group, LLC today at 612-377-5311.