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Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment refers to the system in place across the state of Minnesota that allows creditors to take 25 percent of your disposable earnings without you really having a say in it. This 25 percent should be used to pay for basic living expenses and is instead being taking off of you. In many instances, wage garnishment will take place without you even seeing the money – the money will often go straight from your employer to the creditors.

If this has happened to you, then you will suddenly be left with 25 percent less money to spend each week, after taxes and social security reductions. This can equate to a large chunk of your income and can make things even harder. You may already feel like you are getting nowhere with your debt and wage garnishment can make you feel like you are going backwards.

The worst part about wage garnishment is that you have little say. You should be in charge of what happens to your money and how you manage your debt. With wage garnishment, this right is being taken away from you. If you are dealing with a garnishment of wages and want to learn more about your financial options, then contact our team at Buettner Law Group, LLC today.

Wage garnishment can take one quarter of your income away from you. If you are living on $2,000 per month, then $500 will be taken away from you. This $500 is often spent on regular living expenses such as fuel for your car, clothing for the kids, groceries for lunches and dinners and much more. You may have used this $500 to pay certain bills, or try to get the debt down as much as possible. However, all of a sudden the creditors are taking your right to control of your finances away from you. As you will still need to put food on the table and put gas in your car, you may be relying on your credit cards even more, which, in turn, can cause more debt and more complications.

When you file for bankruptcy, you are putting a stop to wage garnishment almost immediately. As soon as the paperwork is filed, wage garnishment will stop which means you will be able to continue to live on all of your income, not just 75 percent of it. If you are looking for a fresh start and for a way to take back control of your finances, then filing for bankruptcy may be something to consider.

You work hard for your wages and it may seem unfair and heartbreaking when this money is taken from you, especially when you need it to buy every day basics like clothing and groceries.  To stop wage garnishment and speak to a qualified and understanding Minneapolis bankruptcy lawyer, contact our firm today. The Buettner Law Group, LLC has been helping individuals with their debt management for several years and can make all the difference to your financial future. Contact us today at 612-377-5311 for a free initial consultation.