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There is Life After Bankruptcy

Life After Bankruptcy Can be a Good Life

Just think about the possibility of no more piles of past due notices on your kitchen table. Try to imagine not worrying yourself sick about the constant phone calls with creditors and bill collectors yelling in your ear. Imagine no more sleepless nights worrying about your crippling debt and how you’re going to get to the end of the month. Make the decision to get the right legal help you need to get yourself started down the right path to financial health and happiness.

Choose a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer you Can Trust

When you choose Brea Buettner-Stanchfield, you know you’ll have a lawyer on your side who is committed to your best interests. You will be given the best advice about the steps you can take to reestablish your credit as soon as possible.

Start Rebuilding Your Credit

A bankruptcy in your past doesn’t mean you can’t get credit. People are often completely surprised to learn that, even with a bankruptcy on your credit report, you’re soon able to get credit you need. In fact, you can rebuild your credit as if you haven’t filed bankruptcy at all, frequently in as little time as within two years of filing bankruptcy.

Rebuilding Your Credit The Right Way

There are ways to re-establish credit even faster. There is, of course, the obvious technique of making sure that all remaining payments are paid on a timely basis every month. Other techniques are not so obvious and require hard work, determination, and excellent legal advice from a bankruptcy attorney you can trust. While there are other options being touted as viable solutions to overwhelming debt, most people, with the help of good legal advice, arrive at the same conclusion – bankruptcy.

This is because most methods of reducing debt and rebuilding credit turn out to be very time consuming, costly, and unreliable. Filing for bankruptcy can stop creditors from filing or continuing lawsuits against you. It’s almost always the most reliable way to improve your financial future and get back the good life you deserve.

A Warning about Debt Settlement Companies

I frequently work with clients who’ve come to me after having relied on a debt settlement company that promised results like “We can erase your bad credit” and “100% guaranteed.” Rebuilding credit and eliminating debt can’t be done with magic or gimmicks and requires professional legal help. The debt settlement companies run commercials that promise to negotiate with your creditors and settle your debts for a fraction of what is owed.

To provide this service, they generally charge exorbitant fees, often charging you even if they did not successfully settle your debt. They don’t mention that debt settlement does not work for about two-thirds of their clients. Debt settlement has such a high failure rate because creditors are not required to work with debt settlement companies. If they fail, and it’s highly likely that they will, you’ll probably have to pay additional interest and late fees, making a bad situation worse.

Choose Bankruptcy

When you have crippling debt, bankruptcy is often a better choice than debt settlement. The many reasons to work with a bankruptcy attorney rather than debt settlement company include these important facts. Bankruptcy stops creditor harassment, garnished wages, home foreclosures, car repossessions. Bankruptcy will cost you less to accomplish more. Debts reduced or discharged through bankruptcy are not taxable whereas debt discharged in a settlement are. Best of all, your bankruptcy attorney will and is required by law to act in your best interests.

Call a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney to Help You File

You can take the first step today by calling our Minneapolis office for a free phone or in-office consultation. Contact Brea Buettner-Stanchfield at The Buettner Law Group, LLC 612-377-5311 or e-mail if you need good, clean advice on the most effective way to rebuild your credit and put you on better financial footing than you are today.